Please note due to the COVID-19 virus we have extended the fundraiser until April 2021

California Gourd Society 2019 - 2021 Fundraiser 

Gourd Quilt or Mosaic Tiles

Projects will be offered at the
“Gourds and Baskets Containers of our Culture” Visalia, California Saturday April 25, 2021

Proceeds benefit the statewide educational outreach of CGS and its members.
Click here to download the Project criteria/guidelines for Regional Groups, (Patches)
Pictured below 


California Gourd Society 2017-2018 Fundraiser 

The gourd Art was offered as opportunity drawing prizes at the:
“Gourds and Baskets: Containers of our Culture”
Event in Visalia, California
Saturday April 28, 2018

This was a 50/50 fundraiser with CGS Gourd Artist Groups/Patches.
Proceeds benefit the statewide educational outreach of the California Gourd Society and its gourd artists groups. Funds are also used by the individual gourd groups to help offset the cost of sending their representative/leader to the annual Regional Rep meeting and for the Northern and Southern Program Directors to host the meeting.

38 Totems submitted
13 of 14 patches participated
Total money earned$1,419
Total tickets sold Qty # 1925(qty 1,280 sold ½ price to Patches)

And the lucky winners are:


California Gourd Society 2015-2016 Fundraiser Winners 

The hanging gourd Art was offered as opportunity drawing prizes at the
“Gourds and Baskets: Containers of our Culture”
Event in Visalia, California
Saturday April 23, 2016


                                                Listed by Winner and Patch Donated

 1 Christina Chrivia-Petaluma Gourd Artists - Wreath only
 2 Marilyn Phelps-Folsom Gourd Artists
 3 Pat Funke-Folsom Gourd Artists
 4 Khati Pocha-Ventura County Gourd Artists
 5 Sandra Heidlebaugh-VenturaCountyGourdArtists
 6 Reba Johnson-Amador County Gourd Artists
 7 Terry Ladd-Ventura County Gourd Artists
 8 Gail Poynter-Los Angeles West Gourd Patch
 9 Olive Moore-Los Angeles West Gourd Patch
10 Barbara Murray-Calabash Club of Silicon Valley
11 Dolorez Cozzo-San Diego County Gourd Artists
12 Mary Hufft-Amador County Gourd Artists
13 Donna Alves-Ventura County Gourd Artists
14 Lisa Toth-San Diego County Gourd Artists
15 Karen Krojzynski-Foothill Gourders
16 Carol Meltzer-Rio Linda Gourd Artists
17 Toni Linde-Petaluma Gourd Artists
18 Gayle Shell-Orange County Gourd Society
19 Madeline Rodriguez-Tulare/Sequoia Gourd Patch
20 Sue Gouig-San Diego County Gourd Artists
21 Rosalie Gochnour-Bachelor Valley Gourd Club
22 Robert Swendsen-Ventura County Gourd Artists
23 Brandy McKay-Folsom Gourd Artists
24 Linda Matthews-CGS Board
25 Sylvia Nelson-San Diego County Gourd Artists
26 Mary Lou Linton_Ventura County Gourd Artists
27 Chrisy Tsai-Amador County Gourd Artists
28 Chuck Miller-Orange County Gourd Society
29 Georgett Maffei-East Bay Gourd Artists
30 Stacy Day-Tulare/Sequoia Gourd Patch
31 Mario Peterson-East Bay Gourd Artists
32 Susan Sullivan-Orange County Gourd Society
33 Barbara Schouten-San Diego County Gourd Artists

Thank you for your donation and support with your help CGS raised $1133.00