Seeking Nominations 2019

 The California Gourd Society

2019 Nomination Process Has Begun for All Open CGS Board Positions Listed Below.

Members are encouraged to nominate someone or submit their own name to serve as a member of the California Gourd Society Board. This is a great opportunity to give back to the organization that does much to nurture its members and promote the appreciation of gourds to the general public. As a member of the Board, you'll play a role in the leadership of the organization and will gain a greater understanding of the depth and breadth of this great group. Along the way, you will meet members from all over California and share fun activities and experiences with your fellow officers. All positions are for 2 year terms, starting at the end of the January 4th 2020 Annual Board meeting thru the January 2022 Annual Board meeting, with the eligibility to run again.

Note that most travel expenses (gas, lodging and meals) to attend the Annual Board meeting (currently held in Visalia, CA) is covered by CGS.  There is also a yearly allowance given to the President, and the Northern and Southern Director of Programs to help them fulfill their duties.

CGS Job Descriptions 



  • Provide leadership for and act as a spokesperson for CGS in order to carry out the CGS mission statement. 
  • Serve as a member of the Board of Directors, prepare board meeting agenda and conduct the annual meeting. 
  • Maintain communication with Board Members and call for annual reports from each director. 
  • Monitor society financial status with the treasurer, promote fund raisers, and sign-off on the annual IRS non-profit reports. 
  • Prepare a quarterly “President’s Message” for the Golden Gourd. 
  • Prepare a quarterly message for The American Gourd Society Magazine. 
  • Coordinate with the Directors of the Northern and Southern Patches to maintain a CGS presence at major gourd festivals and other events as appropriate. 
  • Respond to members’ concerns and make referrals as needed. 
  • Respond to inquiries from potential members. 
  • Serve as a member of the annual Gourd Art Competition Committee. 
  • Maintain communication with the American Gourd Society and other gourd societies as needed. 
  • Attend annual AGS meeting. 
  • May or may not place insurance coverage for CGS, order renewals and request Certificates of Insurance as needed. 


  • Serve as a member of the Board of Directors. 
  • Maintain communication with Board Members and Patch Leaders. 
  • Conduct meetings when the President is unable to do so. 
  • Serve as a member of the annual Gourd Art Competition Committee. 
  • Assume duties assigned to him/her by President. 
  • May or may not maintain the CGS Website 


  • Serve as a member of the Board of Directors. 
  • Record deposits made by membership chair. Deposit funds from various events. 
  • Pay bills as presented by vendors and/or members for reimbursements. 
  • Record deposits and expenses. Maintain a monthly financial balance. 
  • Prepare annual reports for the Board meeting. 
  • Prepare Federal and State annual tax returns. Note: If gross receipts and assets continue to be less than $50,000, the Form 990/199 is not required. You can send 990-N and 199-N Electronic post cards at IR/FTB website. 
  • Maintain PayPal and SquareUp accounts for accepting of credit card payments as well as approve CGS members as sales associates for the Square Account. 
  • File form RRF-1 Registration/Renewal Report with the Department of Justice annually. 
  • File forms CT-NRP-1 Nonprofit Raffle Registration Form and CT-NRP-2 Nonprofit Raffle Report with the Department of Justice annually. 
  • File Statement of Information with Secretary of State (biannually). 
  • Communicate returned checks. 
  • File sales tax returns annually. 
  • Respond to correspondence from Franchise Tax Board, Internal Revenue Service, and CA Board of Equalization. 
  • File forms 1099 yearly. Both state and federal yearly returns are now required. 
  • Distribute prize checks for annual CGS competition. 
  • Keep last seven years of tax and financial records. 

Director of Northern or Southern Regional Groups 

  • Serve as a member of the Board of Directors. 
  • Contact each Patch within your territory a minimum of quarterly.  Contact may be made in person or via internet or telephone. 
  • Conduct annual meetings of Patch Leaders. 
  • Maintain a roster of Patch Leaders. 
  • Provide each Patch Leader with a “Red” Book of CGS policies and procedures, as well as other written materials to assist them in conducting meetings. 
  • Attend annual Board meeting and present a status report of the past year’s activities. 
  • Identify and coordinate new Patch leadership. 
  • Provide training to Patch Leaders. 
  • Encourage each Patch to participate in fundraisers and other activities of CGS, including fairs, festivals and competitions. 
  • Inform CGS President and Vice-Presidents of issues presented to you by Patches. 

Director at Large - Ambassador 

  • Promote CGS and AGS at every opportunity. 
  • Attend annual CGS Board meeting. 
  • Initiate ideas and promote CGS through planning activities with CGS President and appropriate Board members. 
  • Provide membership applications to prospective members, teachers, growers, vendors. 
  • Respond to mail or telephone inquiries from members. 
  • Keep dues up to date. 

After the nomination process is completed nominees will submit a candidate statement (tell us a little about yourself and qualifications). These will be posted at the CGS website in the Members Only section.  Candidates will have several weeks to campaign and get support if they wish. 

 All current CGS members will be sent the Candidate Statements for each with the "Electronic Polling Ballot of Support" in December.


 Nominations will be accepted November 1st thru the 21st.

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Send your nominations to CGS Secretary Peggy Blessing at:

CGS 2019 Nomination form. 

 All Board Positions listed below are for 2 Year Terms


I (your name)______________________, Nominate _______________________________, for the Position of CGS President..

I (your name)______________________, Nominate _______________________________,  for the Position of CGS Vice President.

I (your name)______________________, Nominate _______________________________, for the Position of CGS Treasurer. 

I (your name)______________________, Nominate _______________________________,  for the Position of  CGS Director of Northern Programs. 

I (your name)______________________, Nominate _______________________________, for the Position of  CGS Director at Large.


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