CGS - Woodcarvers

Orange County Gourd Patch  

The CGS goal of encouraging networking efforts to bring together Gourders and Woodcarvers is working in Orange County.  Several members of the OC Gourdpatch regularly attend  weekly meetings with the OC Woodcarvers.  They have learned many aspects of carving that they are able to use on gourd projects.  And there are some woodcarvers that have completed some excellent carved gourd projects.  On October 10, 2015 members of both groups entered their carved gourd projects in the new "Carved Gourds" category at the annual OC Woodcarver Show at the Santa Ana Elks Club.  

Several entries were awarded ribbons (see photo) and CGS member Jack Thorp's entry was judged Best of Show in the carved gourd category.

Similar outreach efforts by CGS leaders in the Sacramento area has also been productive.  All Patches are encouraged to contact their local woodcarvers and possibly recruit new patch members while having some crossover carving fun!!

Susan Sullivan CGS Director at Large