California Gourders Beyond the Gourd Festivals

This page is dedicated to the hard work done by our members over the years to expand gourds as a art form beyond our own festivals and gourd competitions.
Below are links that will take you on that journey.

The links will take you to gourd work that has expanded into the area traditionally just for the "Wood Carvers".  We would like to thank them for opening their competitions and shows to "CGS Gourders".

Please note some links may take you away from the CGS website. However they will usually be a members site, Facebook page or a Wood Carver site.


The links below will show you the creativity and talent of our members as they participate at the State and local County Fair level in both display and gourd art competitions.  We would like to thank the California State and local fairs for continuing to work with CGS and our local gourd groups. More and more are broadening their competitions and shows to include gourds.


If you would like to have your work or your gourd groups work featured on this page please send a short text file telling us about the competition or show. For page CGS host we will start with a 6 photo limit per event.