About Us
We are dedicated to nurturing artists, gourd patches, rising stars and new artists. As a member you will enjoy all the perks of our widely-recognized organization. There are approximately 400 members of CGS including world-famous artists, musicians, teachers and authors.

We welcome you with open arms.  Please inquire today about how you can become a part of our growing membership.

CGS By-Laws

CGS Board of Directors

Term Oct 2015- Jan 2018

 Vice President
Term 2016 - Jan 2018

Term Oct 2015 - Jan 2018


Olive Moore        
(909) 982-7790

Pamela Argo
(916) 642-6947


      Peggy Blessing 
(858) 292-9219

Term 2017 -
Director at Large - Ambassador 
 #1 Term 2016-Jan 2018  

Director at Large - Ambassador
#2 Term 2013-Jan 2018 

This is an Open Position
Please submit to Peggy Blessing at secretary@californiagourdsociety.com

Christina Chrivia
            PO Box 181713
Coronado, CA 92178

   Betty Finch

(661) 221-1633
Please use email to reach Betty.
Hearing impaired

Susan Sullivan
(714) 293-4705

Director of Northern
Regional Groups
Term 2012 - Jan 2018 

 Director of Southern 
         Regional Groups          

Director of Membership
Term 2008 - Jan 2018

Susan Gouig
(707) 433-9162

    This is an Open Position
Please submit to Peggy Blessing at secretary@californiagourdsociety.com
The Position of Director of Southern Programs, duties listed below:

  • Serve as a member of the Board of Directors.
  • Contact each Patch within your territory a minimum of quarterly. Contact may be made in person or via internet or telephone.
  • Conduct annual meetings of Patch Leaders.
  • Maintain a roster of Patch Leaders.
  • Provide each Patch Leader with a “Patch Leader Handbook” Book of CGS policy and procedures, as well as other written materials to assist them in conducting meetings.
  • Attend annual Board meeting and present a status report of the past year’s activities.
  • Identify and coordinate new Patch leadership.
  • Provide training to Patch Leaders.
  • Encourage each Patch to participate in fundraisers and other activities of CGS, including fairs, festivals and competitions.
  • Inform CGS President and Vice-Presidents of issues presented to you by Patches.

 JoAnn Clark
PO Box 2802
Valley Center, CA 92082
(760) 749-9410


 CGS Positions and Committees

Web Master
Term 2016 - Jan 2018       

Editor: Golden Gourd Newsletter
2005 -  2018

  Projects Coordinator 
Term 2017 - 2018 
Committee Chair:  Competition Categories
2016 - Yearly
 Mary Bliss            

(714) 328-6197     

Mary Bliss
(714) 328-6197
Sherry Hunga-Moore
(760) 781-3311
Sylvia Nelson
(916) 682-2437 

CGS Insurance Contact

 Special Awards Contact
Committee Chair
2015 -2018
Immediate Past President
Term 2014 - Resigned Sept 29, 2015

Peggy Blessing 
(858) 292-9219

Susan Sullivan
(714) 293-4705

Pamela Argo
(916) 642-6947

Barbara Rippetoe
(916) 988-6599

 Past President
2010 - Jan 2014 

 Past President
2006 -2010

 Past President
2002 -2005
President Emeritus
1997 -2001
Sylvia Nelson

(916) 682-2437         
Jill Walker
(831) 728-4427 
Leigh Adams  Carol Rookstool
(559) 561-4087 
Our quarterly newsletter, "The Golden Gourd,"
  is one of the membership benefits. Articles about gourd art, horticulture, a quarterly calendar of classes and events keep members informed about gourd events in California and throughout the United States.

Golden Gourd Issue Deadline for Content

 Spring Issue


 Summer Issue


 Fall Issue


        Winter 2018/2019      


    This Golden Gourd is usually emailed out one month after the deadline above.
File format: jpg, png or other image file.
Pdf files do not reproduce as well but we can use them it is up to you.

Golden Gourd Ad Rates

 Half Page


Quarter Page


Business Card
(Members Only)


Full Page
Festivals & Retreats Only
(with a paid fullpage ad, you also will have all your classes listed and some pictures.)           


             Ad Contact and Mail Ad requests to:

Sherry Hunga-Moore
105 S. Hayden Drive
Escondido, CA 92027
760 781-3311

Make checks payable to California Gourd Society (CGS)

Membership in CGS is $20 per year. Send a check and your name and address to: JoAnn Clark, CGS Membership VP, PO Box 2802, Valley Center, CA 92082

Mission Statement: To promote the horticulture, art, crafting and appreciation of the hard-shelled gourds (Lagenaria Siceraria) by providing charitable and educational activities to members of the society, growers, artists, crafters, business people and the public through community support and education.

Join in the fun, visit a patch, and receive support through all the society has to offer.

The California Gourd Society is a state chapter of the American Gourd Society. For more information on the American Gourd Society contact agsmembership@comcast.net.